We pride ourselves on our focus and awareness of our clients’ interests and requirements. The continueing growth of  Quantum Tribe and the increased demand have resulted in changes and additions to the class schedule. We are pleased to announce the improved class schedule.

Fighting Fit (Underground Wellness)

Following the international explosion of “Extreme Fitness” and the “Underground Wellness Movement”, train alongside a variety of extreme fitness fanatics from the everyday business professional to the pro cage athletes. All are welcome in this NO CONTACT UNISEX circuit class. Join the madness of these rope skipping, ball throwing, trye flipping,  weight crunching crew.

hardcore training

The challenges encountered by this gang bi-weekly are ever changing and evolving. The only guarantee is that the  challenge you will face on arrival will inspire the true fitness fanatic and body-shaping enthusiast. Try one of our intense “underground wellness” challenges and attempt to post a record breaking time.


See you on the frontline of this extreme fitness arena. The battlefield awaits!

Submission Wrestling ( No Gi )

Although we are already revered country – wide for our grappling skills this class is designed to focus more on the clench aspect of submission wrestling. We have only incorporated aspects of Greco, Sambo and Jui Jitsu clench and take-downs that are effective in the MMA arena and grappling circuits.


We also delve deeply into leg and ankle locks which tend to take a backseat in our BJJ classes. Leg locks are initially discouraged in BJJ to allow for the mastering of guard passes first. This class will further hone your skills by including leg attacks into your scope of understanding.

Note from Management :

Please check the schedule for details of these classes .

Please also note that BJJ classes are taught four nights a week which presents you with the opportunity to fine tune and perfect your skills just prior to the arrival of world acclaimed Rio Grappling master Roberto Atalla on 14th July.  Details to follow.


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