Exciting new classes

August 5, 2009

We will  be having a month at Quantum Tribe gym where we will be recruiting first time athletes into classes like Boxing ,Boxercise,Crossfit extreme training ,Mauy Thai , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission wrestling . Those that are interested but have always been cautious to start this is the perfect month as you will slowly be intergrated at your own pace . Great time to turn over a new leaf

Last but not least due to the nights been so full I have decided to start morning sessions .

Mon and Wed 10 am Boxing fit
R50 per class

This class is going to focus on woman and the toning and training that benefits them most , you will train like a boxer , without actually boxing .
Not only will you get into great shape for summer , but you will also be taught the secrets from the professional fighting world of how we cut large amounts of weight for fights while still staying fit and healthy .
Please contact me if interested

boxing girl
The second morning class is a private grappling (bjj) group that I will be teaching for those that have a passion for ground work
R50 per class Tues and thursday Mornings 11 am
Nathan 076 431 8145