Some of the Rio Grappling club coaches training in April 2007 … from left Wade Henderson (purple belt, Thailand), Jo Raaths (purple belt), Nathan Raaths (purple belt), Wiekus Swart (brown belt), Roberto Atalla (black belt Brazil), Bobby Karagiannidis (brown belt).


Some martial arts clubs train both striking and grappling, and in Mixed Martial Arts is fundamental to be a good grappler as well as a striker. However, in the Rio Grappling Club schools, we are focused mainly in the grappling styles as we believe them to be more refined and less dangerous to one’s health than the striking ones. As a matter of fact, one can train in a safer way if sparring on grappling, without coming back home with bruises, injuries and black eyes caused by intentional blows. No martial art is totally free from accidental injuries, though, but grappling styles tend to minimize them by smart training and use of mats and other protection and prevention from excessive force during sparring. Some striking styles avoid contact as a way to prevent injuries but this water down their effectiveness as martial arts.




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