Exciting new classes

August 5, 2009

We will  be having a month at Quantum Tribe gym where we will be recruiting first time athletes into classes like Boxing ,Boxercise,Crossfit extreme training ,Mauy Thai , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission wrestling . Those that are interested but have always been cautious to start this is the perfect month as you will slowly be intergrated at your own pace . Great time to turn over a new leaf

Last but not least due to the nights been so full I have decided to start morning sessions .

Mon and Wed 10 am Boxing fit
R50 per class

This class is going to focus on woman and the toning and training that benefits them most , you will train like a boxer , without actually boxing .
Not only will you get into great shape for summer , but you will also be taught the secrets from the professional fighting world of how we cut large amounts of weight for fights while still staying fit and healthy .
Please contact me if interested

boxing girl
The second morning class is a private grappling (bjj) group that I will be teaching for those that have a passion for ground work
R50 per class Tues and thursday Mornings 11 am
Nathan 076 431 8145


Incredible Month for Quantum Tribe

July 22, 2009

It has been really exciting having Roberto Atalla here sharing his expertise with all that attended his sessions. He undoubtably raises the level of our games and the quality of our grappling with each visit . The No Gi seminar was a huge success and everybody is really excited about his up and coming Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi seminar at one of our sister gyms- Tap Out Gym in Northcliff -on the 1st of August.

Great fun has been had by all . We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sean Spruch , Nolan Mathews and Donovin Souvaris on receiving their Blue Belts from Roberto . We are proud of the quality of the new blood coming through .

Furthermore, a huge congratulations to Quantum Tribes Fight team  ” Men of War ” for winning all four of their MMA matches at Donderdag 4. This solidifies them as one of the best Fight teams around and they maintain an unbeaten record for 2009  . More exciting MMA action to come . The amazing footage of these fights will be posted and launched with the new  “Men of  War ” website (currently under construction).

We  eagerly anticipate seeing you all at the aforementioned Quantum Tribe Cup . Please note that the entry closing date will be Wednesday the 12th of August . The competition itself will be Sunday the 16th August . The entry form and details are now available on http://www.quantumtribe.co.za/cup . Get your entry forms in soon to help make the tournament a huge success.We look forward to seeing all of you there !

To assist with the tournament we will be having a “Competitors strategy workshop” the day before at Quantum Tribe- Saturday 15th August at 11h00 . This  seminar  will assist you in competing  on all levels: from understanding the rules, to tactical and mental advice from an incredibly decorated competitor –Roberto Atalla . The seminar will be R200 if you are registered and have paid for the competition and R300 if not . I highly suggest this workshop, to not only those competing the next day, but to all athletes that do or will compete in grappling.

A exciting month ahead for Jiu Jitsu

July 9, 2009

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Phenom Roberto Atalla is back in South Africa.

We are very proud to be part of the Rio Grappling International Group as they have kept the highest standards in all aspects of the Jiu Jitsu sporting world . We are even more proud to host our head Coach Roberto Atalla once more in South Africa . Last time he blew us away with both his (No Gi and Gi  ) seminars in Johannesburg and I heard similar reports from other parts of the country .

I am so excited to not only learn more from my coach but I believe he is one of the greatest instructors in the world who truly have the spreading of the beautiful art of Jiu Jitsu as his number one priority. I hope that those people that support our passion for both forms of grappling will get involved and experience the brotherhood that is growing in the South African grappling community. I am so looking forward to the Quantum Tribe Cup competition- see details below. I hope that every style of  grappling will take this opportunity to come out and have a great day mixing styles in the gentle art.

Please contact me if you are interested in getting more involved or hosting a seminar during his four week vistit .


Quantum Tribe(no gi )Seminar with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master Roberto Atalla

Come spend an afternoon with Roberto Atalla , a highly decorated BJJ Black belt master ( Including titles like European Grappling champion). Learn some of the cutting edge techniques in the Grappling world today.
Sunday, July 19, 2009
12:00pm – 3:00pm
Quantum Tribe Gym- lower level of the old Bruma Lake Fisherman’s Village.(Asia city) Bruma
Cnr Marcia St & Glanville Ave
Johannesburg, South Africa


Join us for an afternoon with the highly decorated Grappling master Roberto Atalla .

Jiu Jitsu

2007 European (1st place, black belt master, -79 kg)
2006 South American (2nd place, black belt master, -79 kg)
2000 Panamerican (2nd place, black belt, -73 kg)
99 World Championship (2nd, black belt, – 79 kg)
99 Panamerican (2nd, black belt, – 79 kg)
99 Brazilian (2nd, black belt, – 79 kg)
98 Rio de Janeiro State Championship (1st, brown belt, – 79 kg)
97 World Championship (1st, brown belt, – 73 kg)
97 Brazilian SuperLiga (1st, brown belt, – 73 kg)
97 Brazilian State Teams (1st, brown belt, – 73 kg)
97 Rio de Janeiro State Championship (1st, brown belt, – 73 kg)
96 World Championship (Most Technical Fighter, purple belt)
96 World Championship (1st, purple belt, – 97 kg)
96 World Championship (1st, purple belt, Absolute class)

This legendary Coach and athlete has the most incredible competition record and is known as a highly intelligent technical fighter

Complete Statistics (from 91 to 2009, updated in 05/2009)

160 wins, 1 draw and 32 losses (only four by submission).
52 golds, 12 silvers and 8 bronze medals.

Although ,like myself, his first love is BJJ with a Gi , Roberto is a amazing submission wrestler and holds titles like

I Rio Grappling Cup, Livorno, Italia (1st, -84 kg)
Dutch Grappling Cup, Ede, Holland (1st, -82 kg)
British Grappling Championship, Worcester (1st, -76 kg)

Just to name a few recent ones

The seminar will cost R 400 . Please be aware that there is limited space and first come first serve . I will be cutting it off at a certain number to allow sufficient mat space.
Pre bookings can be made at Quantum Tribe gym.

He will also be taking a number of one and one sessions at Quantum Tribe over the week 15 July onwards . Private sessions are R400 and can be booked through myself or Quantum Tribe. Please also enquire about his group evening classes which will take place at Quantum Tribe on 15th,20th and 21st July – 20h00 to 22h00 at R200.00 per course.


Quantum Tribe Cup ( Rio Grappling Club Internationall)

In Honour of my Coaches visit , the legendary Roberto Atalla ( head Coach for Rio Grapping Club as well as Quantum Tribe) a Gi grappling tournament for all in the name of the sport and brotherhood.

Sunday, August 16, 2009
9:00am – 12:00pm
Barnard Staduim Indoor Sport Centre
cnr of Green ave and  Swart drive
Kempton Park, South Africa


Quantum Tribe gym belongs to the Rio Grappling worldwide network .In honor of the head coach, the incredibly decorated competitor and coach ( including titles like European Champion) Roberto Atalla’s four week visit we will be having a BJJ Gi grappling tournament at the end of his seminar and club tour .We are hoping that all styles of grappling will come out and join us in the name of grappling, sport and brotherhood . A great day is to be had by all . All details to follow shortly.

Men 60, 66, 74, 84, 96, 120kg and Open
Women 50, 55, 59, 63, 67kg and Open

Competitors under 18 years of age may compete in senior events with parental consent.

This tournament will be supported bye the IPJJF ( http://www.ipjjf.com ) Roberto Atalla has been appointed
as the representative for Africa for the IPJJF ( International Profession Jiu Jitsu Federation) .

This will be a practice run for our February 2010 BJJ World Pro BJJ Qualifiers

The rules will be Standard IBJJF rules ( http://www.ibjjf.org/rules.htm)

Please note that this is a Fulll Gi ( Kimono ) Tournament

Rio Grappling club http://riograpplingclub.wordpress.com
Quantum Tribe Gym http://www.quantumtribe.co.za
Roberto Atalla http://robertoatalla.wordpress.com/about-me/

Please Note that there will be two sections !!!

White to Blue Belt ( Under four years experience if you dont use belts ).

Purple Belt and up (Over four years experience if you dont use belts ).

Please remember to indicate which one you are entering when you receive your entry form.
All entries have to be in by Wednesday the 12 th July – quantumtribe@webmail.co.za
(No Exceptions )
Weights will be checked again on the day.

We will be posting results and news of of his stay regularly.

June 25, 2009

We pride ourselves on our focus and awareness of our clients’ interests and requirements. The continueing growth of  Quantum Tribe and the increased demand have resulted in changes and additions to the class schedule. We are pleased to announce the improved class schedule.

Fighting Fit (Underground Wellness)

Following the international explosion of “Extreme Fitness” and the “Underground Wellness Movement”, train alongside a variety of extreme fitness fanatics from the everyday business professional to the pro cage athletes. All are welcome in this NO CONTACT UNISEX circuit class. Join the madness of these rope skipping, ball throwing, trye flipping,  weight crunching crew.

hardcore training

The challenges encountered by this gang bi-weekly are ever changing and evolving. The only guarantee is that the  challenge you will face on arrival will inspire the true fitness fanatic and body-shaping enthusiast. Try one of our intense “underground wellness” challenges and attempt to post a record breaking time.


See you on the frontline of this extreme fitness arena. The battlefield awaits!

Submission Wrestling ( No Gi )

Although we are already revered country – wide for our grappling skills this class is designed to focus more on the clench aspect of submission wrestling. We have only incorporated aspects of Greco, Sambo and Jui Jitsu clench and take-downs that are effective in the MMA arena and grappling circuits.


We also delve deeply into leg and ankle locks which tend to take a backseat in our BJJ classes. Leg locks are initially discouraged in BJJ to allow for the mastering of guard passes first. This class will further hone your skills by including leg attacks into your scope of understanding.

Note from Management :

Please check the schedule for details of these classes .

Please also note that BJJ classes are taught four nights a week which presents you with the opportunity to fine tune and perfect your skills just prior to the arrival of world acclaimed Rio Grappling master Roberto Atalla on 14th July.  Details to follow.

Exciting New MMA studies and drills classes

September 3, 2008

A new MMA learning class will be available from next week – this class will bridge the gap between the learning of MMA and the tougher sparring class.

You can come into this class with no worries of injuries or being out of your depth – this class is for anyone that wants to step up their MMA knowledge, but isnt ready to take it to a sparring level.

Classes will be taken by Nathan, Walter, Jeremy, Wade etc..

Contact Nathan for more info!

Boxercise Classes now on the schedule

September 3, 2008

Boxercise classes for the ladies will be available from next week – please contact Nathan Raaths for more info.

BJJ Blackbelt to visit soon

September 3, 2008

Robinho aka Robinson, one of our head coaches friends will be coming down for a few weeks to train with us. Robinho will be on the mat every night training and this will be an amazing opportunity to train with a top level BJJ Black Belt.